Distribution Lists

Departmental, programme & module distribution groups are automatically generated and maintained by IT Services.

Modules & programme groups are shown in the Outlook Address book. Open the address book, choose the drop down showing Global Address List. Modules & Programmes are listed there by code or description.

Departmental groups take the form <department-code>-staff (e.g. cmp-staff or fin-staff) or <department-code>-student.

The information used to set these distribution groups is taken automatically directly from the People and Organisational Development database. This includes all permanent and temporary staff, including session lecturers and other casual staff.

This broad membership should be remembered when using distribution lists to send out information, especially when the information is of a confidential nature.

If you require your own distribution list to assist communication in your teams, projects or even collaborating with people externally, the University provides a way of maintaining individual distribution lists via ListServer. Details of how to use this can be found from the Listserver help pages, and an online form requesting a new list be set up is available from helpme pages.