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What is Listserver?

Listserver is utility that allows you to create and manage a bespoke distribution list. It will enable you to communicate with your target email audience. It could be a few colleagues working on something at LJMU, a larger project with a mix of external people on it, or even thousands signing up for a newsletter about something you want to publicise. Whatever the group of people, a distribution list created with Listserver will help make this easier to do.

However, before using this service you must be fully aware that what you are doing is compliant with the relevant data protection laws:

External Lists - Important Legal Requirement

People outside the university receiving an email from a distribution list MUST be given the ability to unsubscribe from the list. Every single message sent must contain an option to unsubscribe.  Best practice is to include a simple explanation of how someone can leave the list at the bottom of every message. e.g. To leave the list at any time, send an email to <> with this command:  unsubscribe "listname" 

GDPR (New regulations now in force since 25th May 2018)

Before you request a new distribution list that you must be aware that GDPR requires organisations to be more accountable for the data they hold and for individuals to have more rights to access, change, transport and delete their details. You must ensure the individuals have consented to being on your list or confirm that LJMU has some other lawful basis for the individual being on an email circulation list.

It is now more important than ever that whenever sending emails, you ALWAYS double-check before sending that the recipients are the ones you intended, especially (but not exclusively) where some of them have common surnames.

General Help and Information about Using Listserver

General Help and Information about Using Listserver

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