Benefits of Open Research

Why Open Research?

The benefits of making your research openly available

For some researchers, practicing open research is already second nature. Others may feel it adds another stage to the research process, but there are significant benefits for you and the research community.

Practicing open research:

demonstrates your research is robust

helps other researchers to reproduce your results

helps other researchers to avoid repeating research

ensures you retain access to your own work in the long term

enables faster dissemination and impact, helping to raise your research profile

extends the reach and impact of research outside academia

increases opportunities for collaboration

increases chances of citations

enhances the profile of LJMU by showcasing our institutional research profile

aids compliance with researcher funder requirements, including the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and Plan S 

In addition to this, making your research available in LJMU Research Online can:

provide a secure store for your work

provide a stable URL for you to use to promote your work

provide easy access to your work