Computer Sciences

Open Data

What is open data?

Open data are data that are made freely available to access, share, interrogate and re-use. The benefits of open data include greater transparency and opportunities for collaboration, participation and social innovation. Open data can lead to new knowledge generation from combined sources, improved efficiency and effectiveness of services, economic growth and improved social welfare.

Open data support at LJMU

Digital data can be preserved and published in a data repository. A repository is an online database service that archives and manages the long-term storage of digital resources. LJMU has an institutional data repository LJMU Research Data Repository where research data can be securely preserved for the long-term. Data deposited into LJMU Research Data Repository are highly discoverable and will be actively curated, which may involve changing the format of the data to ensure long-term accessibility and re-usability. You deposit your data via Symplectic Elements but please refer to the deposit guide for full details. 

Before depositing your data to LJMU Research Data Repository you should check your funder requirements to determine if they require you to deposit your data into a particular repository.

Read more about Research Data Management and how LJMU can support you to manage and preserve your data.