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Managing your research data and making it available

Throughout your research, you will engage in various activities such as gathering, assessing, processing, and utilising data. Data can take different forms, ranging from statistical information and scientific readings to interview transcripts, video and questionnaire results. To ensure effective and careful management of your research data, it is essential to collect and organise it, not only during the project but also beyond its completion. This involves tidying up the data and making it accessible for others.

When you publish your work, whether it be a thesis, conference paper, or journal article, it is important to provide access to the research data that supports your findings where possible. The LJMU Research Data Repository serves as the University's institutional repository, offering a secure platform for researchers to deposit and store their research data on an Open Access basis.

By storing data in the LJMU Research Data Repository, it can be freely accessed online by anyone and easily discovered through web search engines.

In cases where certain data is not suitable for immediate sharing due to commercial or copyright reasons, it can still be securely stored in the repository until an appropriate time when any embargo has been lifted, and it can be made public.

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