Data Access Statement

What is a Data Access Statement?

A Data Access Statement is often required by funders or publishers and is mandatory for all publications acknowledging UKRI funding. Within your statement you will outline how your data can be accessed, via a DOI or a webpage, for example, and outline any restrictions on access.

The purpose of access statements is to promote data discoverability - although the data itself does not always need to be openly available. You should get in to the habit of including a data access statement in your publication and if you are reviewing a paper ask this information, even if the data is not available openly.

You can also look out for access statements in papers you read, what data was shared, what metadata has been created, what the does the raw data look like and what repository the author has used.

Example statements
  • All data created during this research is openly available via LJMU Data Repository, at [DOI].
  • Supporting data will be available from LJMU Data Repository, at [DOI] after a 12-month embargo period from the date of data collection to allow for the publication of research findings.
  • Owing to ethical concerns/the sensitive nature of this research, the data underlying this publication cannot be made openly available. Further information, including conditions for access, can be found at LJMU Data Repository, at [DOI].
  • No new data was created throughout this project.
  • This study was a re-analysis of existing data that is publicly available from [REPOSITORY NAME] at [DOI].
Help and support

We can meet with you to discuss your data access statement and/or any other queries you may have about data more generally.  

Additional support is offered by the Library’s Researcher Engagement team.