Email address publication advice

If you are advertising a contact email address, for example for LJMU ‘Admissions’ queries, you are advised not to use your personal email address.

There are a number of reasons why we recommend the use of a "generic" email address such as, rather than a personal address. 

Disadvantages of using a personal email address

  • If a personal email address is used, only the owner has access to the emails.
  • If a personal email address is advertised as a point of contact for LJMU business, difficulties will arise as a result of that person leaving LJMU, such as:
  • The personal mailbox will close and no one else can access the individual’s mailbox.
  • Business cards or publication materials would require reproduction.

Advantages of using a generic email address

  • This allows as many people as required to process the messages, and is not dependant on one particular individual being present.  Permission can be granted to a selection of users to the generic email address.
  • You can send emails from the generic email address to individuals and distribution lists and remain anonymous.  (NB: You cannot send emails from the generic email address to system generated distribution lists – e.g. SPS_Staff, SPS_Student)
  • It enables continuity of business when a member of the team leaves LJMU

You can request a shared mailbox with a generic email address via our Self Service Portal – Select ‘Request something from us’ then ‘New Shared Mailbox’.

For further advice, please contact the IT Services Helpdesk on x5555.