Sharing Outlook information with others

If necessary, you can allow designated colleagues to access your Outlook Folders. An example might be a Director sharing Outlook folders with a Personal Assistant, or giving colleagues access to your calendar or a folder for a project.

If a Director requires their PA to have full access to their mailbox, the best way to do this is by contacting the IT Services Helpdesk on x5555 or log a request via the HelpMe portal (search for ‘Something Else’)

To set permissions on a folder you want to make available to someone else:

  • Highlight the folder
  • Right-click on the folder title and select Properties
  • Click on the Permissions tab
  • Click on Add and enter the username of the person or groups you want to add
  • Set Roles to what you need - each role allows them to do a set of activities such as reading the content (Reviewer).

Sharing your entire mailbox

Please note
You can do this yourself but we recommend contacting the IT Helpdesk as indicated above.

To be performed by the person wanting to share their mailbox with others – for example a director sharing with their PA:

  • Show your folder list and right click on your Email address at the top (this applies the changes you are about to make to the whole mailbox)
  • Select Properties
  • Click on the Permissions tab
  • Click on Add and enter the username of the personal assistant(s) or group you want to be able to access your Outlook folders
  • Set in the Permissions Level: drop down menu, select Reviewer
  • Click on OK to confirm the changes

Viewing a shared mailbox

If you are a PA and need to manage someone else’s mailbox, that person first needs to share their mailbox with you. We recommend that you ask IT Services to set this up for you as described above. However, if you want to do it yourself, two methods of viewing the other person’s Outlook folders are available.  

Method 1
Open the other user's folder

  • Click on File, Open & Export, Open other user’s folder
  • Enter the username of the person whose folder you want to view,
  • Select the folder (e.g. Inbox) and click on OK

Method 2
Adding someone else's Mailbox to your profile

  • Open your Mailbox in Outlook
  • From the menu bar, select File--> Account Settings button --> Account Settings (on menu)

  • Your account should be highlighted - click on the Change button
  • Click on More Settings then Advanced tab, then click Add and enter the other person's mailbox by typing their username.

  • Click OK to return to your Inbox
  • This makes the other person's mailbox appear in your folder list. You will only be able to see folders they have shared with you.