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Face to Face with Sport Science

The award winning public engagement interface for the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Have you ever wondered why Usain Bolt can run so fast? Or why Chris Hoy is a multiple Olympic Gold Medalist?

Well the obvious answer is they have talent and personal drive to be the best. Without these two attributes it is very difficult to be among the world's best sport performers. However, there are other contributing factors to an athlete's ability to succeed and one of those is the support team that help the athlete optimally train, compete, rest and recover from injury – they are collectively known as sport scientists.

Have you ever wondered why being physically active is good for you?

Being physically active across our lifespan is good for our health generally and has a positive impact on bone health, weight control, mental health, blood pressure and heart and lung function to name a few.

The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University is world renowned for its innovative teaching programme, research and applied consultancy. The School has a long history of informal/formal public engagement work with schools and the general public. Our award winning Face to Face with Sports Science team have exhibited on site, at local and national museums, academic conferences, schools, hospitals and community events as well as with national projects/initiatives such as Radio 5’s Big Sporting Day Out, Sport Relief and Universities UK. Liverpool John Moores University is also a signatory of the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement Manifesto with the F2FSS team led by Dr Zoe Knowles, a Network Ambassador for the NCCPE.

Our schools and public engagement events will allow visitors to experience sport and exercise science and explore the research that underpins athletic performance and exercise/physical activity generally. We have several ways you can become engaged with us from visiting our public events, Royal Society Partnership Grants or through our outreach work. The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences actively supports MerseySTEM. We offer training and support opportunities for our staff and students to engage in STEM Ambassador activities.

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