Graduation January 2022 to be rescheduled

It is with great regret that, in the light of the current steep rise in covid cases and the lack of certainty over how this will impact the health of the nation, we will be rescheduling your graduation ceremonies planned for January.

We appreciate that this will be extremely disappointing news for you and your family, however we have a responsibility to everyone in our community and have made the decision for the following reasons:

  • Covid cases, including the new Omicron variant, are currently predicted to peak at around the same time as our graduation ceremonies, meaning there is a high-risk of infection both for those attending and those working to support the ceremonies
  • The ceremonies would bring around 40,000 people together over three weeks, and there are significant Public Health concerns about bringing so many people together from across the country and creating the potential for mass infection in the local community
  • Infection and self-isolation could cause significant staffing problems both within LJMU and the cathedral, and we are already seeing cases and self-isolation rise
  • High rates of infection and self-isolation would also mean that many of you and your guests are likely to miss your ceremony

Be in no doubt, we will stage a graduation ceremony for your and your classmates in 2022. We will provide a briefing at the end of January that will update you on how plans to reschedule the ceremonies are progressing. 

Further information:

  • Please note: Ede and Ravenscroft our gown suppliers have been advised but reminder emails are still being sent regarding gown collection, so please ignore them and we will let you know in due course about how to transfer your bookings to new dates.
  • Gowns/photography - You will not be out of pocket on your robe and photography booking. You can use your booking at a later date or receive a full refund. Find out more details on how to collect your refund
  • Travel and accommodation bookings - We understand that some of you may require official confirmation in order to gain a refund on travel or accommodation that you have already booked – please contact us directly at – we will be monitoring this inbox throughout the Christmas break for any queries

You have waited a long time to celebrate your graduation and we want to thank you for your patience – we will be in touch in the new year with our rescheduled dates.

The Graduation Planning Team

“The decision to reschedule our graduation ceremonies has not been taken lightly. We know that all of our guests will be bitterly disappointed but in the context of a public health emergency, we have a responsibility to our community in Liverpool and to the 40,000 anticipated attendees to keep everyone safe. The partnership between LJMU and the Cathedral is important to both of us and we made this decision in complete agreement.  Be in no doubt, we will provide a graduation ceremony for every student who has missed this milestone celebration and we look forward to restarting our graduation ceremonies in 2022.”

Mark Power, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive
The Very Reverend Dr Sue Jones, Dean of Liverpool Cathedral

We have sent all registered attendees this information by email. If you have not received the email because any of your contact details have changed, please make sure to let us know so we can keep you informed.  

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