Media Production student Lilly wins British Citizen Youth Award

Lilly Crisp, a second -year media production (BA) student from Stockton-on-Tees has won a British Citizen Youth Award (BCyA) at a ceremony in Westminster.

Lilly received the BCyA award, given to individuals and groups, for her multiple volunteering roles since the age of 14, with various causes including mental health charities, schools and her work: making events accessible for those with disabilities, mental health challenges, and Special Educational Needs (SEN). Lilly has also raised over £1,000 for the mental health of young people in Teesside. She also created The Norton Eco Project, an initiative providing 'eco boxes' to underfunded schools for environmental awareness. The BCyA award places Lilly on the honour roll for the rest of her life within Westminster.

At the ceremony, Lilly spoke to attendees about the importance of representation in the media and providing opportunities for the underrepresented. She also networked with other individuals, who had been nominated, to create news stories around their work for her BA Media Production degree. 

On winning the award Lilly said: “I used to be really shy and anxious when I started my volunteering and work, so I feel I’ve really grown, and I am very proud of myself for getting a government recognised award. I can't wait for what the future holds.”

Currently in her second year at LJMU, Lilly has plans to pursue a master's degree in 'Screenwriting and Directing' at the Columbia School of Arts in New York upon graduating and has also on-screen work experience lined up in Melbourne, Australia, next December.   

Lilly’s ultimate goal is to challenge existing norms within film and media and provide a platform for those often overlooked. 

She said: “I want to make the world a better place through the power of film and media, which I believe influences people hugely.”

“I’ve always been inspired by the women around me, my mam, sister and nana, who have always taught me to never quit or become quiet even when times are hard, I don't think I would've got this far if it wasn't for their support.

“In the industry, Greta Gerwig is a huge inspiration, and she has been for years. Especially for breaking box office for 'Barbie', in a world where women have always been second choice, this only inspires me even more. As a collective, we always need to keep going and not accept to be at a disadvantage just because we have been told 'that is just the way it is'.”

Lilly is currently studying Media Production at LJMU. You can find out more about the course or Liverpool Screen School here. 


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