Leadership and Management with real-world focus

The Senior Leaders Apprenticeships are designed to transform participants into confident and strategic leaders. They focus on the practice of leadership and management, have a real-world focus and are delivered by Liverpool Business School academic staff who are respected experts, researchers, consultants and business practitioners.

Employers can maximise the Apprenticeship Levy to invest in leader development.

We have three Senior Leader Apprenticeships programmes available:

  • Leadership and Management Practiceleading to an MSc
    For those who lead/manage within larger organisations who wish to develop leadership expertise to support career progression.
  • Business Administrationleading to an MBA
    For those who lead/manage across larger organisations who wish to gain insight into strategic business operations and transformation.
  • Business Administration in Scale Up - leading to an MBA in Business Scale Up
    For those who are specifically leading growth in SMEs who wish to gain insight into strategic business operations and transformation.

Good leadership development is a collaboration, involving:

  • the commitment of the individual to develop
  • the employer to support, encourage and enable
  • Liverpool Business School to affirm good practice and promote improving practice with evidence-based theories and models

Our collaborative approach develops leaders and managers using the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the revised Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship standard. We layer on to this evidence-based theories and models. The result is innovative ideas generation to support identified organisation needs with employer commitment.

We also offer a BA (Hons) degree apprenticeship in Business Management Practice.
A distinctive chartered manager degree apprenticeship programme aimed at developing confident, competent forward-thinking managers.