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Work with LJMU's media students

Runners, camera operators, social media coordinators and production managers - these are just some of the work experience roles our students have held.

The Production Unit for Liverpool Screen School (PULSS) organises work opportunities for students from LJMU’s Liverpool Screen School. The work opportunities PULSS organise take many forms, from placements and live commercial projects through to extracurricular activities. If your organisation is interested in working with our students, please get in touch with us to find out more information.

Production Unit Liverpool Screen School (PULSS) is a dedicated student resource designed for students to get the most out of their time at LJMU. Our user guide shows examples of student work experience and their work, explains how students can get involved and the process for employers who wish to engage our students on live projects - read it now.

Students' skills

Sound City

These internships are funded through LJMU and are one of the most popular with our students. It’s our third year filming at the music festival, take a look at the films our 16 strong student crew captured over the 3 day festival in 2017.

Students from Liverpool Screen School are developing specialist skills within a range of disciplines, including:

  •  Creative writing
  •  Filming
  • Post production
  • Journalism
  •  Media production
  •  Media business
  •  TV studio
  •  Digital media technology
  •  Sound production
  •  Drama

"The PULSS interns have been a fantastic part of the crew. They’ve come in with a professional attitude and become real members of the team."

Nick Jackson -
Managing Director of Jack-All Productions

Case study

Comworks TV

Comworks TV helps businesses develop digital training videos and interactive training programmes. Recently, sixteen of our students joined Comworks TV. Our students – who all had media production, film studies or journalism knowledge – worked with Comworks TV to film a global organisation’s two-day live event.

Comworks TV trained students and then work began on-site at Excel London. As part of this project, students:

  • were responsible for the set-up
  • ensured high-production values of the camera coverage
  • monitored the quality of sound and vision
  • captured the media to tape and disk
  • derigged equipment after the event
  • were involved with the post-production and were responsible for multi-camera editing of the content

"The operations crew delivered a first-class job. They rightly earned the respect of the broadcast camera operators and live event team. They met the highest standards of professionalism and commitment in what was a tight schedule under demanding circumstances."

Steve Bradbury -
Managing Director of Comworks TV

Your organisation’s role

Talk to us

If your organisation is interested in working with our students, please get in touch with us. We can then talk about your requirements and discuss how our students can help your organisation. PULSS help our students negotiate a reasonable payment for their services. The agreed payment is made directly to our students and the contract is held between the client and the student or students, not with LJMU.

Contact us

Get in touch with PULSS

To learn more about PULSS and about working with our Liverpool Screen School students, please get in touch using the following contact details.


Telephone: 0151 2314714

Paula Baines
Paula Baines
Production Unit Manager at PULSS