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LCR Sustainable Green Travel Corridors

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The LCR Sustainable Green Travel Corridors Project (also called LCR SUD) is a £16.7m project (of which £8.35m from ERDF) until 2021 and part of a Liverpool City Region-wide initiative to encourage more cycling and walking. Working closely with the lead partner Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, this initiative will deliver a series of cycling and walking upgrades across the LCR and introduce clearly defined direct cycle routes, which utilise off-road and segregated lanes to encourage an increased uptake in cycling and walking in the region. The project has two strands, infrastructure upgrade/development and digital innovation.

LJMU is leading strand 2 - digital innovation. Working across the whole of the Liverpool City Region, LJMU’s aim is to promote and incentivise sustainable/active travel and infrastructure through intelligent digital technologies such as Internet-of-Things sensors, big data analytics, and mobile apps. To realise this aim, we are installing sensors across the cycling & walking network. We will utilise the data from sensors for measuring movement (usage) as well as air quality, weather and road conditions. These data will be accessible to local authorities through our LJMU dashboard and alongside this, we will be developing a mobile application that provides active travel users with one place to find all this information and plan their cycling and walking journeys.

The LCR Combined Authority Local Cycling and walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) has identified 31 cycling and walking corridors that will encompass up to 600km of cycling and walking routes. Sensors are being installed along 6 identified routes across the city region. Our quality assured ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 wireless sensor network gathers real-time motion, air quality and weather data leaving us with the confidence of tackling some of the major challenges across the LCR such as transportation, sustainability and air pollution.

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 “We are delighted to be working with the Combined Authority, Merseytravel and the local councils to collate and monitor motion, air quality and weather conditions across the identified LCR Sustainable green corridors using innovative technologies. These technologies will provide the local authorities with up to date live information from all the sensors across the city on a single interface. These live and historical data for monitoring areas will enable strategic investment decisions to make an impact on the Liverpool City Region. The mobile app will enable users to plan a route with a priority feature for clean air” Professor Trung Thanh Nguyen, co-director of the LOOM institute at LJMU.

Working with Professor Trung Thanh Nguyen is Diane Fitch, Giorgos Tsapparellas, Igor Deplano, Amanda Wilson and Neil Cook.

For more information, please contact:

Professor Trung Thanh Nguyen
LJMU Project Lead and Strategic Manager

Diane Fitch, Project Manager
LCR Sustainable Green travel Corridors

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