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LJMU Virtual Global Citizens' Conference

We at LJMU are delighted to welcome you to the Virtual Global Citizens’ Conference. We hope that it will be a stimulating experience for you all. In particular, we welcome the conference speakers, whose willingness to make time for this event has been central to its success. We would also like thank the LJMU Faculty of Business and Law for their generous financial support of the conference.

About the Conference

Since travelling, studying and working abroad are severely restricted in this academic year for students due to COVID-19, a working group within the Faculty of Business and Law has organised the Virtual Global Citizens Conference for LJMU students and students from partner universities across the world. The online conference will be held on 11 November am and 12 November pm.

The aim of the conference is for them to have dialogues and debates with speakers and other students from partner universities abroad. It also encourages students to be active, civically responsible and informed citizens. The main themes which will be discussed are the adapted UN Sustainability Development Goals. They are:

  1. Mental health and wellbeing
  2. Employability and careers
  3. Gender equality
  4. Race and diversity
  5. Technology and innovation
  6. Access to justice
  7. Sustainability and climate change

There will be one session of one hour based on each UN Sustainable Development Goals. Global citizenship values are pervasive, so some sessions will combine two goals. A variety of formats are used in the sessions. They include TED style talks; presentations and panel discussions. We are privileged to have excellent speakers joining us locally, as well as further afield from Nigeria and Thailand. The conference endeavours to be an exciting virtual exchange for participants. The conference is primarily aimed at students but some sessions may be of interest to staff too.


Half day conference: 11 November 2020


Half day conference: 12 November 2020