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Gemma Farrington

School of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Science




2020, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, Clinical Sciences (MRes)
2019, Liverpool John Moore's University, United Kingdom, Zoology (BSc)

Journal article

Luu L, Palomar AM, Farrington G, Schilling A-K, Premchand-Branker S, McGarry J, Makepeace BL, Meredith A, Bell-Sakyi L. 2021. Bacterial Pathogens and Symbionts Harboured by Ixodes ricinus Ticks Parasitising Red Squirrels in the United Kingdom Pathogens, 10 DOI Publisher Url Public Url

Highlighted activities


LJMU Vice Chancellor PhD Scholarship. 2022

Professional activities

Conference presentation:

MicroRNA-29 Family and Circadian Regulation of Cutaneous Wound Repair, 28th International Conference of the RNA Society, Singapore, Poster presentation. 2023

Circadian Dynamics in an In Vitro Model of Cutaneous Wound Repair, UK Clock Club Spring Meeting, University of Surrey, Poster presentation. 2023


LJMU Vice Chancellor PhD Scholarship. 2022

Masters of Research Bursary, £1,500 towards tuition fees. 2019