Teaching with technology

TLA educational policies and guidance

TLA contribute to the development of academic policies and guidance. All policies and associated handbooks are now available in the policy centre.

Teaching and Learning Strategy

The Teaching and Learning Strategy sets the academic directions of the University and identifies priorities for immediate action. Building on our strong national profile, supported by our Teaching Excellence Framework outcomes and the QAA commendations, we are committed to encouraging innovative and creative practices that ensure student success in a dynamic, competitive environment. We value our staff recognising the importance of rewarding teaching excellence, and providing 3 professional development opportunities and support within the discipline context. We are committed to providing high quality virtual and physical learning spaces that foster academic identity, and encourage and facilitate collaborative learning. For our students, we want them to feel challenged, to be intellectually stimulated, and to become committed academic citizens and advocates of the University and the wider region.

Active Blended Learning

Learning is characterised by students having both cognitive and social presence in the learning environment. Cognitive presence reflects both the value and amount of critical thinking, problem solving and construction of meaning in students’ interactions with their peers and academic staff. Social presence is the extent to which students are ‘connected’. This is critically important in the early stages of courses when students need to get to know and trust their peers and tutors. Students who are able to make interpersonal networks are more likely to engage and succeed. Current approaches tend to the classroom as the ‘location’ of presence, with the VLE in a supporting role to offer materials for independent learning. The future approach has to ensure that cognitive and social presence is a feature of both online and face-to-face teaching. Active blended learning is offered as an approach.

Curriculum Design Guide

This LJMU guide is designed to help programme teams plan, review and design their programmes. The guide will help teams develop programmes that are inclusive, research-informed and encourage active learning in both campus-based and online environments. 

This is an interim document that will be updated in 2022/23 to reflect a new Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy and a revised Academic Framework.