Dignity Without Danger


How we work with our partners

The need to work closely at the local community level means local partners are key to the successful planning, management and running of Dignity Without Danger.

Partners will work with the research team to co-design the methods and will play a central role in selecting field sites to ensure that all seven provinces of Nepal are covered. Our partnerships also help maximise our pathway to impact by including representatives from relevant non-governmental organisations and advisors working at both the grassroots and on a wide range of intergovernmental panels. We will support dissemination activities in conjunction with the Menstrual Health Management Partnership Alliance (MHPMA), a network that brings people working to tackle menstruation discrimination in Nepal together.

Our partnerships also enable us to provide training in qualitative data collection and analysis and to build capacity in creative methods from within academic institutions and from practitioners wishing to evaluate their impact in innovative ways.

Who we work with

Partners all work within Nepal and cut across the Sustainable Development Goals: