Everyman Theatre archive

Since its inception in 1964, The Everyman Theatre has been widely recognised as a pivotal influence and an innovative key player in regional theatre. A model of innovative practice and a centre for experimental theatre and new writing, The Everyman Theatre has thrived as a nurturing ground for a new breed of directors, actors, writers and designers, and a leading force in young people's theatre. Much of the work of the theatre has also been consistently rooted in its home city of Liverpool, making the archive an important basis for social history as well as its role in post-war regional theatre.

The Everyman Theatre Archive

The Everyman Theatre Archive was deposited at Liverpool John Moores University in 2004. The Archive consists of posters, programmes, scripts, photographs, performance reports, press cuttings and letters. The information available is wide ranging - from pictures of Pete Postlethwaite and Jonathan Pryce, to unpublished Willy Russell scripts.

Interviews with key people have been conducted to complete and enhance our knowledge of the impact of the theatre in Liverpool. The interviews cover the full range of theatrical professions, every phase of the theatre's history and all its spheres of activity. They help us to identify and interpret gaps in the archive and include perspectives not otherwise fully represented in the collection.

The collection is now searchable on our online archive catalogue.