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The History Research Group is focussed on a relatively short time-span, from the late eighteenth century to the present day.

This focus allows the Group to examine a broad range of historical topics, both geographically and in terms of the type of history the Group’s researchers study.  

The History Research Group has a particular strength and a concentration of work in British cultural and social history – especially in the history of identity, gender, sexuality and labour. Work in this area blends well with the Group’s research on modern Irish history, which examines memorialisation and the Irish diaspora in the United States.

The history of Merseyside, which is always placed within wider national, regional and global contexts, is another key research theme for the History Research Group. For example, the Group considers the following areas in relation to Merseyside:

  • Maritime/imperial history
  • The history of the First World War
  • Local politics and trade unions

This examination has led the Group to collaborate with local cultural organisations, including the National Museums Liverpool and the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. The Group’s Merseyside at War website, which was established in 2014 to honour the people of Merseyside’s role in the First World War, has also engaged the local community. 

Although much of the Group’s work has a UK focus, researchers equally look beyond the UK. Primarily, American history and international relations, with a focus on modern and contemporary US foreign policy, is becoming a growing area of interest.

The Group is also examining diplomatic/international history. There is ongoing work on Anglo-German relations, transnational espionage and humanitarian organisations. Continental European history, especially France, Germany and the Soviet Union/Russia, is also well represented.

British imperial history (with a focus on the study of decolonisation in Southeast Asia), the history of the Middle East (Israel/Palestine especially) and African history (particularly of Sudan and East Africa) have taken the research interests of the department beyond the ‘developed world’.

In addition to publishing research in high-quality journals, the Group also disseminates and discusses research through the thriving Perspectives Research Seminar Series, which is open to the public. As part of the series, around eight events are hosted every year.

Case studies

Having delved into the archives of the Co-operative Group, the History Research Group provide a comprehensive business history of the movement.
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Professor Frank McDonough's research tells the fascinating story of one of the key figures of an anti-Nazi resistance group, Sophie Scholl.
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