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What is 'sustainable development' and why is it important?

Sustainable development is a pathway that allows society to advance in the most responsible and viable manner; it is development which meets the needs of today while protecting people and planet, and which works toward a more inclusive and resilient place for future generations.

Liverpool John Moores University is a modern, pioneering, civic university committed to delivering solutions to the challenges of the 21st century through world-class research, education and innovation. We do this by integrating education for sustainable development in both research and academic programmes and by operating our university in the most sustainable and environmentally responsible way possible. We strive to create and sustain a community that is aware of its social, economic and environmental impact, resilient, healthy and happy.

What are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

The United Nations introduced 17 Sustainable Development Goals (also known as the Global Goals) in 2016. The ambition was to provide a universal framework for adoption by all countries, sectors and businesses to enable them to measure their current performance against each goal and devise a strategy to contribute towards delivering a more equal, sustainable and environmentally responsible future. The UN agrees that climate change represents the most real and present danger to sustainable development and that it is already adversely impacting on public health, food and water security, migration, peace and security. Find out more from the Sustainable Development Goals website.

Sustainability goals

How is LJMU responding?

The LJMU Strategic Plan 2017- 2022 and associated vision to be a pioneering, modern, civic university delivering solutions to the challenges of the 21st Century outlines how this commitment will be achieved through delivering:

  • Impactful research and scholarship
  • Excellence in education
  • Civic and global engagement
  • Outstanding student experience

From the links below you’ll find further information about our objectives, policy and governance, and how we are performing:

How you can make a difference

If you’d like to do your part for sustainability see each of the specific topics to find out ways you can make a difference or take a look at our 17 low-effort ways to be more eco-friendly at uni.

Contact us

Please get in touch with us if you would like to offer suggestions on how we can improve sustainability at the University or any other aspect of this important topic.

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