copperas hill

Copperas Hill

Investing in the student experience

The demolition of the former Royal Mail Building on Copperas Hill signalled LJMU’s ambition to breathe new life into this strategically important area of Liverpool city centre.

Copperas Hill is a challenging site but it is also a very exciting opportunity for us to transform this part of Liverpool and deliver lasting positive change. So in drawing up these plans, the needs of the University have been considered alongside what’s best for the city centre.

We want to transform this site into a real destination, with high quality buildings and public spaces, where businesses and resident communities feel just at home as our staff and students.

Through exciting architectural design and creative landscaping, we want to develop fantastic new facilities for our students and deliver dramatic new views of the Metropolitan Cathedral for everyone to enjoy. 

What’s planned

Two new buildings are planned – a Student Life Building and a Sports Building. Though physically separate, great design will connect the buildings visually, creating a single sweeping curve along the length of the new pathway crossing the site.

Following its redevelopment, Copperas Hill will become a focal point for student life, drawing students from all disciplines and faculties into a central location and helping us achieve our ‘One University’ vision.

By drawing thousands of students into the area, it will create a huge demand for services and activities, further boosting confidence in the city centre as a whole.

The investment will also address current problems such as poor pedestrian access, poorly managed public realm and urban dereliction that blight this corner of the city. Plus it will vastly improve a key gateway into the city and deliver new public spaces and facilities for the whole city to enjoy.

Protecting Liverpool’s heritage

In formulating the designs for Copperas Hill, the need for new University facilities has been balanced against creating developments sympathetic to this heritage, including the opportunity to retain glimpse views of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Ecomonic impact

Combined with the £15 million Sensor City facility, also located on Copperas Hill, this investment will further strengthen the Knowledge Quarter’s reputation as one of the UK’s most concentrated sites for research and innovation in the country, helping attract further investment and economic growth to the city region.

A phased development

To ensure the full potential of the site can be realised, the development of Copperas Hill will be brought forward in phases.

The development of the Student Life Building and Sports Building plus the new public spaces represent Phase 1, while the western parcels are Phase 2.

  • Phase 1 is scheduled to start on site during the winter of 2018.
  • Phase 2 will be considered as part of the wider masterplan for the Knowledge Quarter Gateway.