corporate charities

Corporate charities

Making a positive impact in our community

Being a civic university means that we are committed to helping local communities. 

Here at LJMU we are committed to helping local communities. In 2016 we launched our corporate charities initiative - inviting our staff to nominate and then vote for four corporate charities.

The eligibility criteria was aligned with four themes from our strategic plan: entrepreneurship, employability and citizenship; teaching and learning; research; social and economic engagement

LJMU staff chose to support the following local charities and now, both staff and students give their time and expertise helping out in fundraising and other voluntary activities on behalf of these charities:

  • The Whitechapel Centre - provides services to rough sleepers, people living in temporary accommodation and those at risk of becoming homeless
  • Alder Hey Children’s Charity - raises vital funds to help make Alder Hey in the Park a truly world-class, patient-friendly hospital for the 275,000 patients and families cared for every year
  • Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre - run by professional volunteer counsellors, provides support to a range of clients who are unable to access the help they need through the social care system, or are unable to afford to access care independently
  • Samaritans of Liverpool and Merseyside - run by volunteers and provides vital support to people at risk of committing suicide

Our support for the above charities is committed until the end of this year.


New corporate charities for 2020-22

During autumn 2019, we are again asking our staff to nominate, and then vote for two new corporate charities.

This time, the nominated charities need to demonstrate that their activity aligns with our Respect! Always initiative.

Respect, Always! is a collaboration between LJMU and JMSU which aims to get to the heart of what ‘respect’ means to us all as individuals and to collectively recognise this across the University.

At LJMU, above all else, we want everyone who studies here, works here and works with us, to feel respected, and to respect others.

We have a produced the Respect, Always! charter that aims to demonstrate our commitment to putting respect at the heart of everything that we do.

Our University has a proud history of being inclusive and making everyone connected to LJMU feel welcome, comfortable and accepted; whether they are studying here, working here or partnering with us. Respect, Always! is about ensuring we maintain and develop this approach across all areas of university life.

For staff considering their nominations for our corporate charities, we ask that you think about putting forward organisations that embody the principle of Respect, Always! Organisations who will benefit from partnering with us and us with them.

Essential criteria

Nominated charities must:

  • Be registered in England and Wales
  • Be a local charity, only based in the Liverpool City Region (within the boundaries of Liverpool, Halton, Knowsley, Sefton, St. Helens and Wirral)
  • Staff can nominate a national or international charity but only if a local branch of the charity is based within the boundary. The address of the local branch must be provided on the nominations form
  • Be engaged in activity, work or research related to the Respect Always agenda
  • Be able to provide proof of its charitable status, by providing either its Charity Commission registration number or its HMRC charity tax reference number (for those groups or charities with an annual income of less than £5,000)

Organisations/activity that we will not support

We will not support the following:

  • Previously elected charities (current established relationships can continue)
  • Organisations that are not registered charities
  • Charities that are not wholly or partially locally-based
  • Charities that mainly give funds to other charities, individuals or other organisations
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Capital projects, appeals, refurbishments
  • Promotion of a religion
  • Holidays or trips
  • Loans or business finance

Raising funds with Payroll Giving

Our staff are also helping out by raising funds for charities via the Payroll Giving scheme. Over the ten years since it was introduced at the University, employees have donated more than £84,000 and in 2014 we received a Bronze Award from the Payroll Giving Quality Mark Awards.

The minimum donation is £1.00 per week or £5.00 per month, though it is recommended that you give at least £5.00 gross per month, this will cost you £4.00 if you are a standard rate tax payer or £3.00 if you are a higher rate tax payer.

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University staff and students give their time and expertise helping out in fundraising and other voluntary activities on behalf of these charities.

If you’d like to join them, get in touch with us.