Professorial Lecture - Professor Zoe Knowles

Lecture Title - "Words, pictures, kids and trees"

Lower James Parsons Lecture Theatre

17:00 - 18:30

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"Words, Pictues, Kids and trees"

Engaging with the public for research and consultancy requires time served with the public(s) together with use of innovative and participatory approaches. For 21 years I have conducted research with children, clinical populations, sports practitioners and the community and will share the origins, successes, and challenges from this period. Methodologies include Write Draw Show and Tell, 3D printing together with reflective and creative methodologies used within settings as diverse as the Natural Health Service, elite youth sport, Forest Schools, Childrens Centres and the NHS. I have been privileged to have access to the lives of many children, young people and families and have led on modules whereby students encounter their first experiences of applied practice. I will share not only my own words and pictures but that of participants, clients, students and my own family. Offering wider insight from across into my own career including that of a public engagement professional, I hope to challenge, provoke and disturb conventional thinking on research motivation.

Drinks reception will follow the lecture.