Webinar: Low Energy Availability: Training Adaptation and Performance


18:30 - 20:00

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Who will be presenting?

Dr. José L Areta (Twitter: @JLAreta), is a researcher and lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University currently focusing his research on the effect of concomitant low energy availability and aerobic-type training. Some of Jose’s previous work has shown that low energy availability down-regulates myofibrillar protein synthesis and focuses on the interaction between macronutrient intake and adaptation to training in endurance sports, some of which has been conducted in elite and professional endurance athletes.

Dr. Karsten Köhler is a Professor in Exercise, Nutrition and Health at the Technical University of Munich. His research broadly focuses on how we can combine nutrition and exercise to optimize human health, with a particular focus on the impact exercise and caloric restriction on body composition and human metabolism. He and his group have conducted a number of lab- and field studies on the effects of low energy availability on hormonal outcomes.

Dr. Carl Langan-Evans (Twitter: @clesposci) is currently a researcher and the former Head of Sport Science Support Services/ Strength & Conditioning at Liverpool John Moores University. Carl completed his PhD in applied sport physiology and nutrition with a mixed method approach undertaking five qualitative and quantitative, laboratory and field based investigations jointly examining and intervening in making weight strategies for combat sport athletes. Carl’s current post doctoral research is funded by the sport nutrition company Science in Sport (SiS) and is specifically focused on examining the formulation and modulation of ergogenic nutritional aids for sport performance. Alongside his university role, Carl consults with a number of professional and Olympic combat sports athletes inclusive of those in the UFC, Bellator, Cage Warriors mixed martial arts promotions, boxing and taekwondo.

Webinar Timeline: (UK Time)


18.30-18.40 hs: Introduction (Dr. José L Areta)

18.40-19.00 hs: Presentation + questions, Dr. Karsten Köhler

19.00-19.20 hs: Presentation + questions, Dr. José L Areta

19.20-19.40 hs: Presentation + questions, Dr. Carl Langan-Evans

19.40-20.00 hs: Questions, discussion, wrap-up


Talk titles:

Dr. Karsten Köhler: Can increased dietary protein rescue the endocrine response in the low energy availability state?

Dr. José L Areta: How does low energy availability affect exercise capacity and training adaptation in endurance athletes?

Dr. Carl Langan-Evans: Effect of low energy availability on psychophysiological parameters and physical performance in combat sports athletes.


*This event will be held on Zoom.  You will be sent the details the day before the event, on 28 October 2020.