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1pm - 4pm

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LJMU School of Computer Science and Mathematics TechTalks Virtual Event - Wednesday 24 November

1pm AR/VR/ Computer Games Development

What makes a 29 Billion Dollar Game Engine?

Whilst Fortnite has been earning competitive players millions of pounds in prize money the last few years, the makers of Fortnite and their industry-leading Unreal Engine (UE) software have been developing their product for nearly 30 years and after expanding into AR/VR/Architectural Visualisation/Film and TV Production as well as console, PC and mobile gaming, they have netted themselves a near 30 billion dollar valuation – mainly because of UE4/UE5.

This session will explain what goes into a game engine, demonstrate how it can be applied to these various domains and what makes it a such a powerful tool for developers. We will also see how it is used by our undergraduate and postgraduate students to become professional developers.

2pm Cyber Security

Want to take part in an actual Squid Game?

If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is! Players in the Squid Game cryptocurrency market have been eliminated — at least their investment has — by what cryptocurrency watchers have called a classic “rug-pull” scam. In our session we will be looking at the rise in global cyber-crime and how it is not limited to one specific domain. Threat mapping and some useful online tools will be explored, and specifically we'll see how the rising trend in Squid game made many fans lose their money!

When Squid tokens were first released last week, they were valued at $0.01 but promised entry into a game with the same premise as the Squid Game series from Netflix. We'll also explore the rapid rise in ransomware and how cyber security can minimise risk, improve resilience, and recover from an attack.

3pm Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Can we use digital technology to save wildlife?

With more and more species of animal now facing extinction, it has become so important to harness every available tool to help save them. Thanks to developments in digital technology, it is now possible to use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in the fight to conserve our endangered animals. This session will provide an insight into ground-breaking research and how it is being used across the globe, from Knowsley Safari Park to South Africa for the benefit of all our favourite wildlife.