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Luminary Lecture Series: Kali Chandrasegaram

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5.00 - 6.30pm

The Love Hand - the embodiment of grief

Inspired by 19th century Symbolism in music by Claude Debussy, poetry by Charles Baudelaire and art by Edvard Munch, Kali Chandrasegaram explores grief using his body as the canvas and through lived experience. Originating from a culture that believes...  Death is certain for the born, and birth is certain for the dead. Therefore you should not mourn over the inevitable (Bhagavad Gita), Kali embraces human sensitivities and sensibilities... ‘My Grief, give me your hand; come this way far from them. See the dead years in old-fashioned gowns’ (Fleur du mal, Baudelaire). 

Kali believes in dance as a journey for self and communal awareness. Originally from Malaysia, Kali is a multi-disciplinary, experimental dancer and choreographer and a key artist in UK Contemporary South Asian dance, who has worked for leading companies. Trained in South Asian Classical dance forms Bharata Natyam, Odissi, Kathak and in Western Contemporary dance genres such as Graham, Cunnigham and Humphrey, Kali has danced and created dance in South Africa, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia, France and UK.

Kali dancing in Remodel: Painting Studio exhibition by Jai Chuhan at HOME, Manchester 2018. Photo credit Mario Popham

There’s a controlled power inside Chandrasegaram’s flesh that suggests intriguing depths. Dancing with a fierce yet delicate formality, his solo tapped into a divine embodiment of ecstasy and form. - Donal Hutera (UK dance critic)

‘Transdisionale’ speaks of transcending traditions and nationality, this work was outstanding. -

Kali Chandrasegaram had an air of power and control. He reflected the balance between the feminine and masculine in a highly engaging routine. - Stephen Oliver (North East Theatre Guide)

Kali Chandrasegaram’s majestic solo captivates my imagination with his cut glass gestures. - Philippa Newis