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Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies

Our facilities

The Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies has access to world-class technology

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems software is used to gather, analyse, interpret and visualise geographically driven models, which are relevant to solving a wide range of societal problems.

When used in relation to the Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies, this technology can enhance our knowledge of the ecology and causes of place-based policing issues, including the design and evaluation of evidence-based interventions.

The software is used by students at all levels, as well as academics and practitioners.

Forensic science technology

The Centre houses a range of forensic science technology, including a Spheron 360 degree camera and standard photo equipment.

Other facilities include fingerprint and footwear equipment, such as Ninhydrin, Superglue, electrostatic lifting technology. The Centre also has Electro-static Detection Apparatus (ESDA) for indented writing and light sources for document and biological fluid examination.

Currently, the University is also building Smart Homes, which will be used to enhance CCTV and forensics teaching.

Facial reconstruction technology

The Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies collaborate with Face Lab – a research group that explores face and art-science applications. As part of this collaboration, academics use cutting-edge facial depiction and facial reconstruction technology.