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There are several different routes into teaching available at Liverpool John Moores University. Consider the information on this page carefully and find the route that is applicable and right for you.

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If you already hold a degree you will want to decide between a University-led course or a school-led (School Direct) course. You will also need to decide between secondary and primary teaching.

PGDE route

At LJMU our University-led courses are all PGDE (Postgraduate Diploma in Education) courses. They provide you with more Masters credits than a PGCE for the same duration of study and cost. We offer primary and secondary PGDE qualifications in the following:

    Secondary PGDE courses:

  • Art and Design: Secondary with QTS
  • Biology: Secondary with QTS
  • Chemistry: Secondary with QTS
  • Computer Science: Secondary with QTS
  • Design and Technology: Secondary with QTS
  • Geography: Secondary with QTS
  • History: Secondary with QTS
  • Mathematics: Secondary with QTS
  • Modern Foreign Languages: Secondary with QTS
  • Physical Education: Secondary with QTS
  • Physics: Secondary with QTS
  • Physics with Mathematics: Secondary with QTS
  • Performing Arts (Dance): Secondary with QTS
  • Performing Arts (Drama): Secondary with QTS
  • Religious Education: Secondary with QTS

    Primary PGDE courses:

  • Primary Key Stage 1/2 (5-11 years) with QTS
  • Primary Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1 (3-7 years) with QTS
  • Primary with Mathematics Specialism (5-11 years) with QTS
  • Primary with Physical Education Specialism (5-11 years) with QTS

Initial Teacher Training (Primary)
Initial Teacher Training (Secondary)

School Direct route

We also offer a wide range of School Direct courses in primary and secondary education based in schools across the North West. The majority of these courses are PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) courses but there are some PGDE courses available through this route. Some of the School Direct courses are tuition fee and some are salaried places.


If you do not hold a degree you might be interested in the following undergraduate courses:

In addition to these courses we also have some undergraduate degrees that would provide you with a good foundation for undertaking teacher training at postgraduate level after you have graduated. These are:

Further information

While making your decision you may find it useful to visit the government's Get into Teaching website and UCAS teacher training pages.