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Being trusted with your business goals and future leaders is a privilege and responsibility that we take seriously.

When you choose to work with us it will mark the beginning of a proactive partnership and our team will support you in clarifying your needs before tailoring solutions that fit, working responsively to build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust, mutual knowledge and credibility. You will be able to plug your organisation directly into processes that are informing, creating, shaping and leading future demand through new thinking and research. We work with organisations across the region’s major employer sectors; including maritime, digital, manufacturing, professional, local government and healthcare.

How we can work with you

  • We are a business school that will listen and develop tailored, flexible solutions.
  • Working with us will allow you to access to the latest ideas and thought leadership across a wide range of current and emerging issues.
  • Our aim is to build real partnerships that deliver a purposeful relationship meeting your knowledge needs, helping you to build competitive advantage and long-term success.

"The Liverpool Business School’s philosophy is to build learning and development programmes that are inherently personalised to individuals and customised for businesses, regardless of size or sector."

Corporate Development Director -
Dr Anthony Sturgess

Growing the city region

The Liverpool City Region is currently focused on long-term and sustainable growth. In response to this goal we are bringing a range of capabilities, investing in staff and developing partnerships.

The Liverpool Business School has an outstanding heritage of supporting start-ups in the Liverpool City Region, through our Centre for Entrepreneurship for instance, and entrepreneurial-focused degrees that encourage students to produce business plans and develop start-ups. So, we’re ideally placed to build on this expertise by supporting scale ups. To generate the levels of income and employment our region is capable of, we will be coordinating closely with LCR Local Economic Partnership to give businesses capable of growth in size and/or turnover the greatest opportunities possible.

We aim to help the region grow by:

  • Focusing on growth across the Liverpool City Region
  • Building on a heritage of entrepreneurial start-ups into scale-ups
  • Giving growth-ready businesses the greatest opportunities possible

Empowering the next generation of managers

British businesses currently suffer from a culture of ‘accidental managers’. The CMI has identified a specific need for the UK to ‘professionalise’ its managers, since expertise does not intrinsically provide the skills necessary to achieve your potential. Our advanced courses and teaching tools are tailored to deliver leadership and management provision in a range of organisations, cultivating the skills necessary to match European levels and compete on a global stage.

Providing individuals and businesses with a range of opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and expertise, the Liverpool Business School will help your business get the most out of your staff and help you meet your full potential.

How we will empower individuals and businesses

  • Continuing to offer the highly regarded Liverpool Business School MBA - the MBA brings together leaders and managers across the Liverpool City Region, and is rooted in the local economy, supporting economic growth and social change whilst drawing upon the city’s global outlook
  • Providing engaging and cutting-edge part-time Masters degrees – flexible delivery sits at the heart of our Masters degree portfolio ensuring professionals from a wide range of backgrounds can gain access to career changing degree programmes
  • Working with your organisation to develop Degree Apprenticeship programmes suited to the needs of your business – the Liverpool Business School is pioneering this powerful alternative to full-time study that is bringing new thinking directly into workplaces across Liverpool City Region. Each Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship programme is tailor-made for businesses keen to grow, with courses which are designed for employers by employers in conjunction with the CMI, and provide a valuable route for upskilling experienced managers already in the workplace, who may lack formal management education
  • Offering bespoke coaching and leadership courses – we use proven business approaches to help employers get the very best out of staff – coaching programmes cover a gamut of business specialisms and are tailor-made to suit your organisation’s objectives
  • Providing bespoke training/CPD – our programmes help ensure staff remain motivated and developed throughout their careers

Business consultancy

The Liverpool Business School will provide high level consulting on a wide range of key regional projects. This approach has been trialled for the landmark European Structural Infrastructure Fund (ESIF) scheme, developed in conjunction with Liverpool City Council, an £8.4million digital and creative accelerator consortium project (LCR Activate) targeting 250 SMEs.

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