Training in Basic Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations

Duration: Two days


  1. MCA-approved MNTB Tanker Fire Fighting training
  2. Current ENG1 medical certificate or MCA-accepted equivalent
  3. 3 months’ approved seagoing service on oil and/or chemical tankers; and be assessed as meeting the learning objectives of the MNTB basic training for oil and chemical tanker cargo operations by a training centre approved by the MCA to deliver that programme
  4. Hold the four Basic Safety Training certificates (PST, PSSR, FP&FF, EFA)

Accreditation/Approvals: MCA under STCW Code V/1-1 Para 1

Overviews: This course is designed to provide specialised technical knowledge to students so that they can serve on a tanker and be assigned specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo or cargo equipment.

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