Fancy a virtual stroll around campus?

Fancy a virtual stroll around campus?

If you've ever wanted to check out the amazing facilities at LJMU or see what the campus looks like before you visit for an Open Day or start classes, well, now you can.

E-Racing team workshop
Take a look around the e-Racing Team's workshop.

One of our main campuses, Byrom Street, is now available to visit virtually. Our new Google Maps style tour brings to life maritime simulators, engineering laboratories, recording studios, social spaces, lecture halls, the e-Racing Team workshop and many more of the impressive facilities within the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

The online tool allows you to get a good sense of the campus before you visit for an Open Day or before you start classes. Whether you’re based half way across the world or live locally but can’t face the Liverpool drizzle – the great thing about the tour is that you can explore the Faculty from the comfort of your own home. Why not take a stroll around the buildings to see what you can find? It’s the next best thing to being here. Even if you’re a current student and think you know Byrom Street well, you may be surprised by what you discover. As you make your way around the buildings, interactive hotspots featuring video and other information allow you to explore areas of interest – or you can always just check out the Starbucks.

Virtual tour - maritime simulator

Step into the maritime simulator for a view of the calm seas ahead.

Capture VR, the company behind the virtual tour, chose quiet times in order to scan the rooms and corridors at Byrom – giving them the best chance to scan uninterrupted and as quickly as possible. So if it looks a bit short on people wandering around – this is why, but we can pretty much guarantee it won’t look like this on any given teaching day.

Stay tuned as we expand the virtual tour to include our other faculties.

Take the virtual tour

Inspired by the facilities? Interested in studying engineering or technology? Learn more about the programmes on offer within the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.


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