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Dr Yarin Eski


My research is aimed at ethnographic understanding of security and securitisation, in particular within the maritime domain. I am interested in understanding the social realities of those made responsible for maritime policing and security. Next to that, my research interests cover the topics of (preventing) transnational crime, specifically the arms trade; state-corporate crime; war (crimes); crimes against humanity; and genocide. I also have a keen theoretical interest in ideas revolved around 'othering', (Nietzschean) existentialism and phenomenology.


Dutch; Flemish


2015, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, PhD in Criminology
2009, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, MSc in Comparative and International Criminology
2007, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, BSc in Criminology


Journal Articles

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Eski Y. 2016. Policing, Port Security and Crime Control: An Ethnography of the Port Securityscape Routledge - Taylor and Francis Group 9781138639461

Theses / Dissertations

Eski Y. 2015. The Port Securityscape: an Ethnography


Eski Y, Carpenter A. 2013. Policing in EU Seaports: Impact of the ISPS Code on Port Security Post 9/11 O'Neill M, Swinton K, Winter A. New Challenges for the EU Internal Security Strategy Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Newcastle upon Tyne

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Book Reviews

Eski Y. 2010. Book review of 'Controlling Security in a Culture of Fear' Probation Journal, 57