Prof Glenda Norquay

Humanities and Social Science

Glenda Norquay is Director of the Research Institute for Literature and Cultural History. Her research focuses on two areas: Scottish writing, specifically women's fiction, the nineteenth-century and contemporary novel; and Robert Louis Stevenson's fiction, criticism and publishing history.

Her monograph R.L. Stevenson, literary networks and transatlantic publishing in the 1890s: the author incorporated (Anthem Press, 2020) profiles a series of figures who worked with Stevenson in the context of changing mobility and new global publishing at the end of the nineteenth-century:

She is currently editing Stevenson's last novel, St Ives for Edinburgh University Press New Stevenson Edition. She is the author of Robert Louis Stevenson and Theories of Reading: the reader as vagabond (MUP, 2007) and edited R.L. Stevenson on Fiction.

She is editor of The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Women’s Writing (EUP, 2012) and has published extensively on Scottish women’s fiction. In her commitment to making available neglected or understudied literary texts she has produced: Voices and Votes: a literary anthology of the women’s suffrage campaign (MUP, 2005); Women’s Suffrage Literature (with K .Cockin & S. Park), 6 volumes (Routledge, 2007); The Collected Works of Lorna Moon (B&W, 2012). Across the Margins (2002), co-edited with Gerry Smyth, was a comparative and theoretical analysis of cultural formations in the Atlantic Archipelago.
She has examined doctoral theses on Scottish fiction; contemporary fiction; R.L. Stevenson and has supervised PhDs which focus on non-canonical, feminist and interdisciplinary approaches.


1985, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, PHD
1980, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, MA Hons (First Class) English Language and Literature

Academic appointments

Visiting Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, 2016 - 2016
Chair of Scottish Literary Studies, English, Liverpool John Moores University, 1985 - present

Highlighted publications

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Journal article

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Book review

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Scholarly edition

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Internet publication

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Conference publication

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Norquay G. Mothers and Daughterlands in Contemporary Scottish Women’s Literature Hedon M-O. Ces femmes qui font l'écosse, Ces femmes qui font l'écosse

External PGR examinations performed:

University of Stirling, PhD, "Landscapes of Belonging: Self, Nation and Gender in the Fiction of Neil M. Gunn". 2021

Edinburgh Napier, PhD, To ‘See Across To-Morrow’: Robert Louis Stevenson from the Romantic to the Modern. 2021

University of Edinburgh, PhD, “I believe in love”: A. L. Kennedy & The Quest for Happy Ever After. 2017

University of Westminster, PhD, ‘Queering Scotland: the post-devolutionary moment in Scottish fiction. 2016

University of Edinburgh, MScR, Secret Societies in Collins, Conan Doyle and Stevenson. 2009

University of Queensland, PhD, deformities and Disguies in the Anxious Fiction of Robert Louis Stevenson. 2006

University of Glasgow, PhD, Spectral ambiguities : the tradition of psychosomatic supernaturalism in Scottish fiction. 2005

Strathclyde, PhD, A Scotswoman in her text : Margaret Oliphant's literary negotiations with national identity. 2004

KIng's College London, PhD, Hell's dexterities : the violent art of Robert Louis Stevenson. 2003

University of Central Lancashire, MA by Research, The Issue of Salvation in George Eliot. 2003

University of Edinburgh, PhD, Beyond skin : the exposed body and modern Scottish fiction. 2002

University of Glasgow, PhD, The image of the nation as a woman in twentieth century Scottish literature : Hugh MacDiarmid, Naomi Mitchison, Alasdair Gray. 2001

University of Edinburgh, PhD, Transcendental kinship in the work of George Friel and Alasdair Gray. 2000

University of Glasgow, PhD, Voices from the 'Cauld East Countra' : representations of self in the poetry of Violet Jacob and Marion Angus. 2000

External committees:

Scottish Magazines Network, AHRC University of Stirling, Advisory Board member, 2021

Association of Scottish Literary Studies Council, ASLS, Council member. 2016

Other invited event:

Keynote Lecture: World Congress of Scottish Literature, Prage, Invited lecture as keynote at IASSL World Congress of Scottish Literature. 2020

Keynote Lecture 'Taking Place Conference' VALE Research Group Sorbonne, The Sorbonne, Paris, 'Materiality and the Present Moment: Contemporary Scottish Fiction. 2018

Keynote Lecture Scotland in Europe: Warsaw, Institute of English Studies, Warsaw, Poland: Scotland in Europe Conference, Chronotopes of Justice in Contemporary Scottish Fiction. 2018

Contemporary Scottish Women's Poetry, Scottish Poetry Library Edinburgh, 'Negative Energies': Scottish Women's Poetry. 2016

Keynote Lecture: ConferenceLes Femmes Qui Font L'Ecosse, Aix-en-Provence, Daughterlands' in Contemporary Scottish Women's Wrting. 2016

AHRC Scottish Graduate Workshop: Editing, University of Edinburgh, Workshop on Textual Editing. 2016

Scottish Women's Poetry: From Renaissance to Referendum Scottish Poetry Library, Scottish Poetry Library, Talk Glenda Norquay & Liz Lochead. 2016

Keynote Lecture : Space and Place in Scottish Literature Scottish Studies Conference, University of Gdansk, Gdansk, Keynote Lecture: Geography, Gender, Literature and History. 2015

Contemporary Women’s Writing Symposium, University of Edinburgh, Symposium: 'Narrating the Ruins of Time'" Kate Atkinson and Ali Smith. 2015

Gender and Geography: Annie S. Swan, University of Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh English Literature Research Seminar Series. 2015

Membership of professional bodies:

Member of UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships (FLF) Peer Review College (PRC), UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships (FLF) Peer Review College (PRC). 2018

Conference presentation:

Whistling boys, Quivering Needles and Woodland Creatures: literary prosthetics and the business of going beyond’,, Stevenson and Beyond: Stevenson International Conference, Edinburgh, Oral presentation. 2017

His legend still tingles in my ears’: Stevenson and Scott’,, Reworking Sir Walter’, University of Dundee, Oral presentation. 2017

The negative as political trope in Scottish women’s poetry, ESSE, Galway, Oral presentation. 2016

Mapping the Spaces of Adventure in the Serialized Fiction of R.L. Stevenson and Arthur Quiller-Couch’,, Research Society for Victorian Periodicals International Conference,, University of Delaware, Oral presentation. 2014

‘Representing the representative: fiction from north-east Scotland’,, Scotland In Europe, University of Warsaw, Oral presentation. 2012

Literary Intersections: the Strange Case of St Ives’, Mediamorphosis: print culture and transatlantic public sphere(s), International Symposium,, University of Delaware, September., Oral presentation. 2011

Writing Scottish Literary Histories’,, ESSE Conference,, Turn, Oral presentation. 2010

Conference organisation:

Covenanters Symposium Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Co-Organiser with Prof D. MacKinnon University of Queensland, 2017

Stevenson and Beyond, Organising Cmmittee. 2016

Teaching qualification:

Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy. 2017


Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities: Visiting Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh. 2016

The Huntington Library Mayers Fellowship, The Huntington Library, CA. 2011

Institute for Advamced Studies in the Humanities Fellowship, University of Edinburgh. 2000


Friends of Princeton Library Grant: Transatlatic Literary Relations $2500, Friends of Princeton Library Grant. 2013

The Huntington Library Mayers Fellowship, The Huntington Library. 2011

British Academy Travel Grant: R. L. Stevenson 'St Ives', The British Academy. 2010

Research Grants Awarded:

British Academy Small Grants, Edition of Robert Louis Stevenson, St. Ives, Grant value (£): £7155, Duration of research project: 1 year. 2010

AHRB, Robert Louis Stevenson and Theories of Reading, Grant value (£): 15,000, Duration of research project: Jan- JUne 2004. 2004

Editorial boards:

Scottish Literary Review, Advisory Board. 2009

SCROLL, Advisory Board. 2005

Journal of Stevenson Studies, Advisory Board. 2004