Isabel Burton

Liverpool School of Art and Design




2015, University of Dundee, United Kingdom, MSc Forensic Facial Identification
2014, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, BSc Forensic Anthropology
2011, Mutterhaus der Borromaeerinnen, Germany, Certified Paediatric Nurse

Academic appointments

Visiting Postgraduate Researcher, Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State (FACTS), Texas State University, 2019 - 2019
Forensic Anthropology Student Assistant & Face Lab Delegate, Breaking Ground Heritage; Operation Nightingale, 2018 - 2018

Journal article

Burton ID, Rynn C, Thiemann-Freudenstein N. 2021. A revised nose tip shape validation method for facial reconstruction based on CT data from a modern German population Legal Medicine, 49 :101833-101833 DOI Publisher Url


Liu C, Burton I, Shrimpton S, Wilkinson C. 2018. Facial depictions of WW1 German soldier excavated from a battlefield near the French Village of Bullecourt. Featured on Digging for Britain: 'East', Series 7 Episode 3 Publisher Url

Wilkinson CM, Liu CYJ, Hengelhaupt ID, Roughley MA. 2017. Facial depiction of Skeleton 22 - 17th Century Scottish soldier found buried at Durham Cathedral, for the exhibition 'Bodies of Evidence' at Palace Green Library, Durham Cathedral. Author Url Publisher Url


Roughley MA, Smith KA, Liu CYJ, Hengelhaupt ID, Wilkinson CM. 2018. Facial depiction (3D printed replica) of a 17th Century Scottish Soldier known as SK22 for the exhibition “Bodies of Evidence” Author Url Publisher Url


Beaumont J, Beveridge J, Budde W, Cross M, Gutiérrez A, Caffell A, Burton I, Johnston A, Koon H, Mackenzie L, Montgomery J, Radini A, Roberts C, Roughley M, Speller C, Wilkinson C. 2018. New Voices Gerrard C, Graves P, Millard A, Annis R, Caffell A. Lost Lives, New Voices Unlocking the Stories of the Scottish Soldiers from the Battle of Dunbar 1650 :207-237 Philadelphia: Oxbow Books. Oxford 9781785708503 DOI

Internet publication

Roughley MA, Hengelhaupt ID, Wilkinson CM. 2017. Face Lab – Facial depiction of one of the Scottish Soldiers Author Url


Godfrey B, Wilkinson CM, Roughley MA, Williams L, Hengelhaupt ID, Price K. Convict Faces Author Url


Liverpool John Moores University's Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence- Impact Story (2022) - Presented to Professor Caroline Wilkinson and the Face Lab team., Liverpool John Moores University. 2022

Research Team of the Year (awarded to Face Lab, LJMU) - Educate North Awards 2019, Educate North, 2019

Supporting Learning Award, Educational Development Association - SEDA. 2017

External collaboration:, Texas State University, San Marcos TX USA, Dr Daniel Wescott. 2019

Membership of professional bodies:

Member, IACI - International Association for Craniofacial Identification, 2017

Member, Gesellschaft für Anthropologie - GfA, 2017

Deployable Team Member, Blake Emergency Services, 2016

Student Fellow, Royal Anthropological Institute - RAI, 2016

Member, British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology - BABAO, 2015

Member, British Association for Forensic Anthropology - BAFA, 2013

Member and Student Council Member (May 2017-present), The British Association for Human Identification - BAHID, 2013

Conference presentation:

Hengelhaupt, I.D., Wilkinson, C.M. (2017) Facial superimposition using three-dimensional scans of the face with photographs for identification purposes, Interntional Association for Craniofacial Identification (IACI) 17th Conference, Brisbane Australia, Poster presentation. 2017

Hengelhaupt, I.D., Rynn, C., Thiemann-Freudenstein, N. (2015) A revised nose tip shape validation method for facial reconstruction based on CT data from a modern German population, British Association for Human Identification (BAHID) Winter Conference, Manchester, UK, Poster presentation. 2015


Associate Fellowship, Higher Education Academy - HEA, 2017

Student Fellow, The Royal Anthropological Institute, 2017

Media Coverage:

BBC Four - Digging for Britain, Series 7 Episode 3 (East) Broadcast Wed 12 Dec 2018, 21:00 on BBC Four Documentary on important archaeological finds from the east of the UK; i.a. coverage of excavation at WWI battlefield in Bullecourt, France lead by MOD archaeologist Richard Osgood as part of Operation Nightingale and Breaking Ground Heritage . A facial approximation of one German soldier found at the site was then created by myself and my colleague Dr Jessica Liu in FaceLab at LJMU for the German War Graves Commission.