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Dr Michelle McManus


Dr. Michelle McManus is the Subject Head of Criminal Justice, within the School of Justice Studies. Previously, she was the National Research Lead for Public Health and Policing (Public Health Wales) leading the evaluation team within the £6.87m Police Transformation Funded (PTF) programme: Early Action Together (Police and Partners ACEs). This involved the creation and delivery a multi-method, multi-site, evaluation approach to transform policing and criminal justice in Wales to break the generational crime cycle and improving lives.

She was previously a Senior Lecturer with the University of Central Lancashire and was seconded to Lancashire Constabulary for 2 years as their Academic Lead for the Evidenced Based Research Hub. She received a certificate from DCC Sunita Gamblin for Outstanding Contribution to Evidence Based Policing.

She has published a range of journal articles with a focus on multli-agency working, decision making, vulnerability and violence prevention, along with characteristics and patterns of offending within offence types such as serious sexual offences, domestic abuse and serious organised crime.

Michelle completed her PhD in 2012 exploring risk factors for child sexual abuse within indecent image of children offending. Her doctoral research assisted with the creation of KIRAT (Kent Internet Risk Assessment Tool), a risk management/intelligence tool for use by the police to assess the risk of contact abuse in those individuals accessing indecent images of children. This was rolled out for national use by CEOP in 2012 to all UK police forces.


2012, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, PhD
2009, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, MSc Investigative & Forensic Psychology
2008, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice

Academic appointments

Subject Head in Criminal Justice, School of Justice Studies, 2019 - present


Journal article

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