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Dr Isaac Amoako

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Dr. Isaac Oduro Amoako (MBA, MSc, PhD, FHEA) is currently a senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management at the Business School, Liverpool John Moores University, UK. He previously lectured in business start-up and small business management at Middlesex University Business School where he obtained his MSc and PhD in Entrepreneurship. Isaac also lectured in Enterprise and Business at The University of The West Scotland where he developed and led Online-based postgraduate modules in Innovation and Business Creativity. His teaching and research interests include business start-up, business incubation, business planning, business creativity and innovation, social enterprise, inter-organizational trust, culture and organizations.
Prior to his academic career he was an entrepreneur starting and managing businesses for over 25 years. Isaac has a number of publications in entrepreneurship journals such as International Small Business Journal (ISBJ) and International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJEI). He has also presented at prestigious academic conferences such as the 32nd and 38th Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Conferences at Liverpool and Glasgow respectively and the 27th European Group for Organisation Studies (EGOS) Conference, at Gothenburg University, Sweden (2011). Isaac was the keynote speaker at the 1st Trust Seminar organised by Aalborg University and University College of North Denmark (UCN) at Aalborg in March, 2015. He has also presented to the Westminster Forum on Entrepreneurship in Africa on “Cultural aspects of doing business in Africa” at the House of Commons in London on 7th September, 2015.


2015, University of West of Scotland, United Kingdom, PgCert HE
2012, Middlesex University, United Kingdom, PhD in Entrepreneurship
2009, Middlesex, United Kingdom, MSc in Research Methods in Business and Management
2007, University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom, MBA in Marketing


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Engagement & Impact

Other invited event:

BBC Radio Merseyside Interview -Upfront, BBC Studios, Hanover St, Liverpool, I was interviewed by Ngunan Adamu about my background, why I chose Trust, Institutions and Managing Entrepreneurial Relationships in Africa: An SME Perspective as the title of my book and and why I wrote my book. The interview lasted about 23 minutes. During the interview I discussed my background briefly and the why Africa is an attractive business destination and Ngunan requested that I draw on my book to discuss and recommend cultural tips to listeners who may be interested in building business relationships in Africa. It was a really exciting interview. see link below: 2019

Liverpool City Region Business Group Meeting, Liner Hotel, I was invited by the Chairman of the Liverpool City Region Business Group Phil McCabe who is also the leader of the Federation of Small Business in Liverpool to meet the Business Leaders in Liverpool's Combined Authority. During the meeting we discussed how The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research Group (SBERG) which I lead can collaborate with the business leaders to conduct research that can inform the city region's business and growth strategy.. 2019

Commonwealth Business Brunch, Liverpool Business School , Liverpool, As part of the Black History Month activities in 2019, Liverpool Commonwealth Association in collaboration with Liverpool Business School invited Dr Isaac Oduro Amoako to launch his book "Trust institutions and Managing Entrepreneurial Relationships in Africa: An SME Perspective. The book launch was very successful according to the attendees and the chair of the event and Pro Vice Chancellor -Tim Nichol.. 2019

Ghana National Chamber of Commerce &Industry Capacity Building Workshop, Shippers House in Accra, Ghana National Chamber of Commerce &Industry invited Dr Isaac Oduro Amoako to facilitate a capacity building workshop for members. The workshop topics included idea generation, entrepreneurial opportunity recognition and financial planning. See this link: 2019

Speaker on the topic Case Study Research, BAM Doctoral Day : Qualitative Research as Craft, University of The West of Scotland, The event 'Qualitative Research as Craft' is designed to support the community of doctoral students and early career researchers by spotlighting good qualitative practice in PhD research.. 2018

Cultural Aspects of Doing Business in Africa: The Case of Ghana, Presentation at the Forum on Entrepreneurship in Africa, House of Commons, Westminster, London, My presentation "Cultural Aspects of Doing Business in Africa: The Case of Ghana" focused on a cross-cultural approach to understanding how to develop business networks in an African country.. 2015

“I can’t do business with you if I don’t trust you”: Trust issues in North-South partnerships. Keynote address, 1st Trust Seminar, Aalborg University, Aalborg University, Denmark, I delivered the keynote address at the first Trust Seminar organised by two Danish Universities. In the keynote I highlighted the differences between the determinants of trust in the Southern hemisphere (developing economies) and those of the North (developed economies). Wile trust development in the North are shaped by strong institutions, trust development in the South is determined by personal relationships and networks.. 2015

Research Grants Awarded:

(July - September 2018) Urgent Care 24 (UC 24), Uwamaliya. P (July -Sept 2018) Research Lead: Impact Assessment Study of the Liverpool Asylum Seeker Initial Accommodation Centre, Dr. Isaac Oduro Amoako; Dr. Daz Greenop; Moni Akinsanya, Grant value (£): 9,324, Duration of research project: Three months. 2018

Membership of professional bodies:

Member, British Academy of Management. 2017

Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK. 2016

Member, First International Network on Trust (FINT).. 2012

Member, Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE). 2009

Conference presentation:

Effective E-learning Deployment: The Pesrpective of a Lecturer, Policy Forum on E-Learning in Nigerian Higher Education Institutes (HEI), Lagos, Oral presentation. 2017

Trust violations and repairs in uncertain environments: cultural context and power relations shaping Ghanaian exporting SMEs, Institute of Small Busness and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) 2015, Glasgow, Oral presentation. 2015

I can’t do business with you if I don’t trust you: Trust issues in North-South partnerships, 1st Trust Seminar, organised by Aalborg University and University College of North Denmark (UCN), Aalborg, Oral presentation. 2015

Trust Violations and Repairs in International Business: The Case of SMEs in Ghana, Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research (CEEDR) Seminar, Middlesex University, London, Oral presentation. 2012

SME Exporting Determinant: Trust in SME Interfirm Relationships in Ghana, Institute of Small Business Entrepreurship (ESBE), Liverpool University, Oral presentation. 2009

SME Internationalisation: A Critical Review of the Literature, Research Degree Conference, Middlesex University, London, Oral presentation. 2009