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Sport Studies Leisure and Nutrition

Miss Katie Fitton Davies


I am a PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University. For my PhD project, I am looking at the development and use of a qualitative method for exploring self-determined motivation in 5-7 year old children. This is within a wider project called SAMPLE-PE, where this is the psychological component of a motor competence cluster intervention within primary physical education.




2016, Bangor University, United Kingdom, MSc
2010, Bangor University, United Kingdom, BSc



Fitton Davies K, Rudd J, Watson P, Bardid F, Knowles Z, Noonan R, Foweather L. 2018. Exploring self-determination in children aged 5-7 years: A feasibility study. Celebration of Women in Research

Conference publication

Fitton Davies K. Development of a qualitative methodology to examine self-determination in 5-7 year old children: SAMPLE-PE Project Power of Sport