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Dr Manisha Shrestha


Journal article

Shrestha M, Steele IA, Piascik AS, Jermak H, Smith RJ, Copperwheat CM. 2020. Characterization of a dual-beam, dual-camera optical imaging polarimeter MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 494 :4676-4686 DOI Author Url Publisher Url Public Url

Jordana-Mitjans N, Mundell CG, Kobayashi S, Smith RJ, Guidorzi C, Steele IA, Shrestha M, Gomboc A, Marongiu M, Martone R, Lipunov V, Gorbovskoy ES, Buckley DAH, Rebolo R, Budnev NM. 2020. Lowly Polarized Light from a Highly Magnetized Jet of GRB 190114C Astrophysical Journal, 892 DOI Author Url Publisher Url Public Url

Lin AA, Shrestha M, Wolfe TM, Hoffman JL, Stencel RE. Polarization Observations and Models Constrain the Properties of the Bow Shock around HD 230561 Research Notes of the AAS, 3 :121-121 DOI