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Dr Mebrahtu Embaye

Dr Mebrahtu Embaye


Journal article

Embaye M, Al-Dadah RK, Mahmoud S. 2016. Effect of flow pulsation on energy consumption of a radiator in a centrally heated building INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LOW-CARBON TECHNOLOGIES, 11 :119-129 >DOI >Link

Embaye M, Al-Dadah RK, Mahmoud S. 2016. Numerical evaluation of indoor thermal comfort and energy saving by operating the heating panel radiator at different flow strategies ENERGY AND BUILDINGS, 121 :298-308 >DOI >Link

Embaye M, AL-Dadah RK, Mahmoud S. 2015. Thermal performance of hydronic radiator with flow pulsation Numerical investigation APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING, 80 :109-117 >DOI >Link

Elsayed A, Embaye M, Al-Dadah R, Mahmoud S, Rezk A. 2013. Thermodynamic performance of kalina cycle system 11 (KCS11): Feasibility of using alternative zeotropic mixtures International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies, 8 >DOI

Conference publication

Embaye M, Al-Dadah RK, Mahmoud S. 2014. The effect of flow pulsation on the heating performance of panel radiators in central heating systems: CFD analysis WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences, 83 :27-38 >DOI