Prof John Banks

Sport Studies Leisure and Nutrition

I am honoured to be a Visiting Professor at LJMU.

Previously I have worked and held posts at junior level right through to technical and managerial positions in areas as detailed below. These have been in in academic, government institutes, health service and advisory service posts.

I have a formal educational (undergraduate and post graduate levels) background in clinical chemistry, agriculture and applied zoology, animal nutrition and physiology and biochemistry. I have worked in all these areas, the development of rapid assays (e.g. immunoassay and other binding assays), the study of mycology and mycotoxins and other quality parameters in food and feed. These have been in conjunction with large national (e.g. government and levy bodies, industry etc.) and international funded (e.g. World Bank, EU, overseas governments) projects and have published widely (over 50) in the above areas.

Recently I have been involved in business engagement and knowledge transfer plus the preparation and delivery of research funding from various donors in the food and feed areas.
I am an external post Graduate examiner for overseas universities in two different counties and also a reviewer for peer reviewed papers.

For the future, I would like to develop and maintain existing national and international links, to promote collaboration and societal cohesion through these links particularly between low and high income countries and different cultures.

I also wish to continue to explore funding opportunities for R & D and commercial projects not just confined to the agriculture and food areas.


Bristol Polytechnic (Now University of West of England), United Kingdom, ONC Medical Laboratory Science
Bristol Polytechnic. (Now University of West of England), United Kingdom, H.N.C. Clinical Chemistry
University College of North Wales, Bangor, United Kingdom, B.Sc. Agriculture with Applied Zoology
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, M.Sc. Animal Nutrition
University of Reading, United Kingdom, Ph.D. Physiology and Biochemistry