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Tabo Huntley


Tabo has a unique blend of experiences in leading, developing and working within high performance teams. These experiences which already span over 18 years involve roles such as Performance Director, Head Coach, Lead Sprint Coach, Coach Mentor, Head of Fitness and Talent Development Manager. However, whilst each role has offered unique insights into the performance domain success has been underpinned by a single drive to deliver cutting edge solutions in order to achieve stated performance outcomes. By adopting a position of 'shared values' Tabo seeks to facilitate environments that allow individuals the freedom to share their expertise, knowledge and passions so that the TEAM own the process and the outcome.

Now as a Senior Lecturer teaching on both the undergraduate and postgraduate Sport Coaching and programmes, Tabo seeks to engage students in deeper learning through sharing of experiences, values and expertise in an attempt to encourage students to take ownership of the learning process. Specifically, Tabo leads modules along the Strength & Conditioning strand and teaches modules containing High Performance Sport, Paralympic & Disability Sport and Elite Coaching themes.

Tabo is actively involved in research, primarily through his Loughborough based PhD 'Mechanisms underpinning coaching expertise as it pertains to meeting the needs of elite Para athletes'. He also engages and collaborates with other colleagues particularly around coaching effectiveness, disability coaching, reflective practice and S&C based areas.


2011, University of Befordshire, United Kingdom, M.S.c Sport Performance

Postgraduate training

Critical realism workshop, United Kingdom, Lougborough University, ? - present


Journal article

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Conference publication

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Engagement & Impact

Research Grants Awarded:

Erasmus Plus, Para-Disability Coach Education and Learning Project- Enhancing Para-disability sport coaches' learning, mobility and employment with reference to a Para-Disability European Sport Coaching Framework and Massive Open Online Course, LJMU Team: Dr Amy Whitehead, Professor Philip Vickerman, Dr Colum Cronin, Dr Gus Ryrie, Ms Catherine Walker, Dr Nicola Rowley and Dr James Rudd, Grant value (£): £334,355, Duration of research project: 3 years. 2018

Conference organisation:

ICCE Global Coach Conference 2017, Bid lead and chair of the executive committee. 2017

Teaching qualification:

PGCert Learning & Teaching in Higher Education. 2015

Media Coverage:, BBC One after Football Focus. Coverage focused on Maria Lyle's (coached by Tabo) preparation for the 2015 World Championships. Title: IPC Athletics World Championships: Maria Lyle's Paralympic dream..

Other Professional Activity:

Personal sprint coach to world class performance funded British Athletics athletes: Maria Lyle & Erin McBride.