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Dr Georgios Zouganelis

Dr Georgios Zouganelis


Journal Articles

Castritsi-Catharios J, Zaoutsos SP, Berillis P, Zouganelis GD, Ekonomou G, Kefalas E, Pantelis J. 2017. Kalymnos, the island which made history in sponge fishery. Data on physical parameters, elemental composition and DNA barcode preliminary results of the most common bath sponge species in Aegean Sea REGIONAL STUDIES IN MARINE SCIENCE, 13 :71-79 >DOI >Link

Kefalas E, Castritsi-Catharios J, Zouganelis GD. 2016. A study of the benthic community structure of Demospongiae (Porifera) in Kalloni gulf at Lesvos Island (NE Aegean Sea, Greece) REGIONAL STUDIES IN MARINE SCIENCE, 5 :12-18 >DOI >Link

Haranas I, Gkigkitzis I, Zouganelis GD, Haranas MK, Kirk S. 2015. Respiratory particle deposition probability due to sedimentation with variable gravity and electrostatic forces Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 820 :3-47 >DOI

Zouganelis GD, Ogden R, Nahar N, Runfola V, Bonab M, Ardalan A, Radford D, Barnett R, Larson G, Hildred A, Jones M, Scarlett G. 2014. An old dog and new tricks: Genetic analysis of a Tudor dog recovered from the Mary Rose wreck Forensic Science International, 245 :51-57 >DOI

Castritsi-Catharios J, Syriou V, Miliou H, Zouganelis GD. 2013. Toxicity effects of bisphenol A to the nauplii of the brine shrimp Artemia franciscana Journal of Biological Research (Greece), 19 :38-45

Haranas I, Gkigkitzis I, Zouganelis GD. 2012. Intracellular molecular distributions in spacecraft experiments in orbit around Earth Advances in Space Research, >DOI

Haranas I, Gkigkitzis I, Zouganelis GD. 2012. g Dependent particle concentration due to sedimentation Astrophysics and Space Science, 342 :31-43 >DOI

Fatouros DG, Power K, Kadir O, Dékány I, Yannopoulos SN, Bouropoulos N, Bakandritsos A, Antonijevic MD, Zouganelis GD, Roldo M. 2011. Stabilisation of SWNTs by alkyl-sulfate chitosan derivatives of different molecular weight: Towards the preparation of hybrids with anticoagulant properties Nanoscale, 3 :1218-1224 >DOI

Yannopoulos SN, Zouganelis GD, Nurmohamed S, Smith JR, Bouropoulos N, Calabrese G, Fatouros DG, Tsibouklis J. 2010. Physisorbed o-carborane onto lyso-phosphatidylcholine-functionalized, single-walled carbon nanotubes: a potential carrier system for the therapeutic delivery of boron NANOTECHNOLOGY, 21 >DOI >Link


Castritsi-Catharios J, Zouganelis G, Bourdaniotis N, Koinis S. 2013. ALDH activity of artemia as a tool for the investigation of the toxicity of antifouling paints Enzymes and Enzyme Activity: Structure, Biology and Clinical Significance :145-159 9781624176968