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Dr Jon Dick

Dr Jon Dick

Telephone: 0151 231 2304



2014, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, PhD
2011, University of Durham, UK, BSc

Academic appointments

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen, 2014 - 2017


Journal article

Dick J, Tetzlaff D, Bradford J, Soulsby C. 2018. Using repeat electrical resistivity surveys to assess heterogeneity in soil moisture dynamics under contrasting vegetation types JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY, 559 :684-697 >DOI >Link >Public Url

Dick JJ, Tetzlaff D, Soulsby C. 2018. Role of riparian wetlands and hydrological connectivity in the dynamics of stream thermal regimes Hydrology Research, 49 :634-647 >DOI >Public Url

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Soulsby C, Bradford J, Dick J, McNamara JP, Geris J, Lessels J, Blumstock M, Tetzlaff D. 2016. Using geophysical surveys to test tracer-based storage estimates in headwater catchments Hydrological Processes, 30 :4434-4445 >DOI >Link >Public Url

Blumstock M, Tetzlaff D, Dick JJ, Nuetzmann G, Soulsby C. 2016. Spatial organization of groundwater dynamics and streamflow response from different hydropedological units in a montane catchment HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES, 30 :3735-3753 >DOI >Link

Dick JJ, Soulsby C, Birkel C, Malcolm I, Tetzlaff D. 2016. Continuous Dissolved Oxygen Measurements and Modelling Metabolism in Peatland Streams PLoS ONE, 11 >DOI >Link >Public Url

Lessels JS, Tetzlaff D, Birkel C, Dick J, Soulsby C. 2016. Water sources and mixing in riparian wetlands revealed by tracers and geospatial analysis WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 52 :456-470 >DOI >Link

Soulsby C, Birkel C, Geris J, Dick J, Tunaley C, Tetzlaff D. 2015. Stream water age distributions controlled by storage dynamics and nonlinear hydrologic connectivity: Modeling with high-resolution isotope data WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 51 :7759-7776 >DOI >Link

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Tetzlaff D, Birkel C, Dick J, Geris J, Soulsby C. 2014. Storage dynamics in hydropedological units control hillslope connectivity, runoff generation, and the evolution of catchment transit time distributions WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 50 :969-985 >DOI >Link

Engagement & Impact

External committees:

Main Committee, British Hydrological Society, Ordinary committee member,