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Dr Marek Palasinski

Dr Marek Palasinski

Telephone: 0151 904 6304


I am willing to consider supervising PhD students. Please email me for more details.


University of Lancaster, United Kingdom, PhD


Journal article

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Engagement & Impact

Public engagement:

Liverpool, Research engagement with Aintree University Hospital, collaboration, wider public, Researcher 01/08/2017

Liverpool, Research engagemnt with Merseyside Police and Greater Manchester Police, collaboration, wider public, Researcher 13/09/2015


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Higher Education Academy

Industrial connections:

Aviva Insurance Group

Tui Group

Thomas Cook

Media Coverage:, How to make anti-knife campaigns more effective, 'Jail is not a deterrent' in preventing knife crime

Membership of professional bodies:

Chartered Membership (CPsychol) of BPS, British Psychological Society

Qualified Teacher Status, GeneralTeaching Council for England

Other Professional Activity:

I am willing to consider supervising PhD students. Please email me for more details.

Research Grants Awarded:

The Research for Learning and Teaching Fund, Exploring the persuasiveness of anti-knife messages, Grant value (£): 3790

Richard Benjamin Trust, Identifying and Maximizing the Most Persuasive Elements of Anti-knife Messages by Combining Social Psychology with Advanced Computer Graphics Technology, Dr Minsi Chen, Grant value (£): 9900, Duration of research project: 1 year