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Dr Timothy Lane

Dr Timothy Lane

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Dr Timothy Lane is a Lecturer in Physical Geography at Liverpool John Moores University.

My research primarily focuses upon glacial geomorphology, environmental change, and landscape development in formerly glaciated regions. In particular I am interested in the behaviour of the Greenland Ice Sheet and Greenlandic ice caps during the last glacial cycle. I use a combination of field and laboratory techniques including: geomorphology, sedimentology, lake core analysis, and surface exposure (cosmogenic nuclide) dating.

My current research is ongoing from my post-doctoral position, and is in collaboration with researchers from the Laboratoire de Géographie Physique, Paris, and St Andrews. This work is using gemorphological mapping and surface exposure dating to investigate Greenlandic ice cap behaviour during the Little Ice Age.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Geography at Durham University and an MSc in Quaternary Science at Royal Holloway and UCL, with my dissertation based on the sedimentology and stratigraphy of crag deposits in East Anglia. Following this I undertook a PhD at Durham University, investigating the Uummannaq Ice Stream in Central West Greenland. This focused on the long-term landscape evolution, ice sheet evolution, and the deglacial history of a large ice stream during the last glacial cycle.

I am module leader for two modules: 4103NATSCI Earth Systems, and 5111NATSCI Geomorphology and GIS. I contribute to a number of other modules including Methods in Geography, Climate Change: Science and Society, Environmental Change, and GIS in Natural Hazards.


2013, Durham University, United Kingdom, PhD in Physical Geography
2009, Royal Holloway, University of London, United Kingdom, MSc in Quaternary Science
2008, Durham University, United Kingdom, BSc in Physical Geography

Academic appointments

Post-doctoral Researcher, Laboratoire de Géographie Physique, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), 2013 - 2014


Journal article

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Engagement & Impact

Public engagement:

Edinburgh, NERC - Unearthed, 4 day long interactive showcase, Wider public, >2000, Participant 16/11/2017

Royal Geographical Society, London, Festival of Geography, Workshop, School Teachers, 20, Invited Speaker 01/11/2017

Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, Platform for Investigation: Ice and Glaciers, Practical demonstrations in a museum, Wider public, 500, 25/10/2015

Altringham Grammar School, Altringham, Manchester, Climate Change: From Mammoths to Models, School Lecture, 6th Form Geography students from the south Manchester area, 97 14/10/2015

Manchester Museum, Climate Week 2015: Climate Science Challenge, Museum-wide practical demonstrations, Wider public visiting Manchester Museum, 1200, 28/02/2015

Media Coverage:,, Climate Week 2015: Climate Science Challenge at Manchester Museum

Research Grants Awarded:

Natural Environment Research Council, Climate Explorers, Kathryn Adamson, Manchester Metropolitan University, Grant value (£): 38750, Duration of research project: 3 months

NERC Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis Facility, Ice stream control on landscape evolution in Uummannaq Fjord, NW Greenland., Dr David Roberts (Durham University), Grant value (£): 13,000 equivalent

NERC Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis Facility, Ice free enclaves in West Greenland during the last glacial cycle?, Dr David Roberts (Durham University), Grant value (£): 11,940 equivalent

EU-INTERACT, Sediment dynamics in a region of glaciated permafrost, Kathryn Adamson (Manchester Metropolitan University), Grant value (£): 9,000

EU-INTERACT, Geomorphological controls on Arctic ice cap sensitivity, Kathryn Adamson (Manchester Metropolitan University), Grant value (£): 11,000