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Dr Raymond Fox

Dr Raymond Fox

Telephone: 0151 231 2285


Ray graduated in Medicinal Chemistry from University College London (UCL), and completed a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry also at UCL.

After a period of post-doctoral reasearch investigating polyamines as N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonists at the Research Triangle Institute, Durham, North Carolina, he returned to the UK to take up a position as a clinical scientist at the Gastrointestinal Laboratory, The Rayne Institure, St, Thomas Hospital, London, comparing the iron absorption of ferric hydroxide polymaltose and ferrous sulfate in iron-depleted patients,

Following lectureships at UCL, Newcastle University, and Nottingham University, Ray was appointed a Lecturer in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences (PCS). He is currently a Principal Lecturer (PCS), and the Applied Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science undergraduate degree programme leader.


1995, University College London, United Kingdom, PhD
1992, University College London, United Kingdom, BSc (Hons)