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Sport and Exercise Sciences

Leanne Burton


Leanne Burton works as a research assistant in the Physical Activity Exchange. While working in the exchange, Leanne has completed a PhD entitled 'Care pathway for suspected seizures in the emergency department: an in-depth exploration' at the University of Liverpool.
Leanne's research focuses on evaluation of physical activity interventions. She has experience of designing and conducting a range of outcome and process evaluation methods using both qualitative and quantitative techniques.
Leanne also holds a First Class Honours Degree in Nursing from the University of Liverpool.


2020, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, PhD
2014, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, BN (Hons) Nursing


Journal article

Male LR, Noble A, Snape DA, Dixon P, Marson T. 2018. Perceptions of emergency care using a seizure care pathway for patients presenting to emergency departments in the North West of England following a seizure: a qualitative study BMJ OPEN, 8 DOI Author Url

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