Steven Vaughan

Sport and Exercise Sciences


McGreary M, Vaughan S, Swettenham L, Whitehead A. 2024. Considerations for the use of Think Aloud within Self-Talk research Thibodeaux J, Van Raalte J, Dickens Y. Review of self-talk and performance in real-world settings American Psychological Association.

Vaughan S. 2023. Living the 100-Year Life: Reflections on the (Re)Training Process for a Subsequent Career in Sport and Exercise Psychology During Mid-Life Navigating Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology :127-137 Routledge DOI Publisher Url

Research Grants Awarded:

British Psychological Society, Think Aloud Research Group, David Tod, Hayley McEwan, Phil Birch, Trish Jackman, Steven Vaughan, Laura Swettenham, Grant value (£): 3,000, Duration of research project: 2 years. 2020