Nicky Benson

Ms Nicky Benson

Membership Details: Independent Member

Nicky Benson

Member of:

Board of Governors (Deputy Chair)
Chairs' Group
Copperas Hill Steering Group
Remuneration Committee (Chair)
Nominations Committee

Term of Office: 

30/09/2017 - 30/09/2019 (Deputy Chair)

Nicky is a graduate of the University of Liverpool, and has practised law in the city as a Solicitor throughout her career, predominantly with Cuff Roberts, and for the last 9 years with Bermans where she is presently a partner.

She specialises in employment law, where she assists individuals, and businesses of all sizes.

Nicky also sits as an Employment Judge in the Birmingham Region.

She is Chair of the Liverpool Law Society Employment Committee and a member of the Employment Lawyers' Association.